Feeding Your English Bulldog - Known Issues

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September 30, 2013
   If you want to raise a healthy Bully, you should feed him in a correct way. Whether to choose homeprepared or packaged food, which is sold in the shops, is up to you, now it is a matter of time economy and personal preference rather than quality and safety. The cornerstone of feeding a dog, including English Bulldogs, is that it is rather hard to find the universal variant of food, because you won't be able to find a product which will combine all necessary minerals and vitamins (it simply doesn't exist), which your dog requires to advance throughout all of his life stages - a puppy, a mature dog, a senior dog.
    We want to recommend you a solution that will guarantee enough variety of useful substances for your English Bulldog, which is as follows. You should feed your dog twice a day - in the morning, when you should give him a home-prepared food and in the evening with high quality packaged food. Dry meal gives him enough minerals and exercises his teeth. Home prepared food gives him some variation in his ration and ensures that he won't be bored by the food you give him. While commercial food is already well balanced, the homemade one requires to be balanced with necessary minerals and vitamins on the stage of cooking, that's why you should always check with special books devoted to the topic of cooking food for dogs.
Daily walks and training are a reasonable part of your pet's life and it must be safer, comfier and enjoyable. All products we sell are designed in accordance with the highest standards. So, you can be 100% sure that you buy from our on-line store only safe top quality dog training equipment. Choose this Supreme Leather Dog Collar With Handset Circles designed for English Bulldog breed. 
Having energetic powerful English Bulldog demands daily walking with him. These moments you spend together are the happiest for you. But have you ever thought that your pet may be not fond of these walks because of uncomfy handling device you may use. If it is even partly true we offer you this Extra Quality Neat Harness With Brass Studs specially designed to fit English Bulldog.
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