Choosing A Name For Your English Bulldog

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October 14, 2013
   Choosing a dog name for your puppy is always a fun and sometimes challenging experience for many new Bulldog owners. It is important to choose a proper name for your Bulldog puppy, because the dog name shows your attitude to your four-legged friend. It is important to choose the name, which will create a proper image for your Bully and for yourself, because the dog's name you choose says so much about you as it does for your companion. You should choose thoroughly and carefully, because this name will be used throughout all his life.
    First of all, check the hidden meanings, because the name may sound great, but it can have a negative or bad meaning. It is recommended to avoid names that sound like commands - they can confuse your pet. Ideally, you should choose the name that consists of two distinctive syllables. Don't give your dog a name which sounds like the name of other family members (animals and humans), it can put him out of countenance. And, finally, ask yourself - will you be willing to call the name in public? Because the name, that you consider great and witty may can be interpreted wrong when you call your dog while walking.
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