English Bulldogs - Known Problems

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September 16, 2013
    If you decided to have an English Bulldog in your house or already have one and you love and admire that breed, you should know several things about them. Bullies like attention, but is stubborn, demanding and considered to be 'high-maintenanced' due to a medical issues which come with them. That's why we want to inform you about the common problems which come with taking a Bulldog into your home. 
    First of all, English Bulldogs don't like heat. They should be kept in a place that has proper air ventilation. Bulldogs also often have problems with their eyes and skin. So, daily wrinkle clearing and wiping your dog's skin and feet will become an everyday routine for you. There are also some issues that are concerned with their body structure - for example, stairs can become a challenge for your Bully, because of the knees and hip problems. But, despite of all those problems above, Buldlog's  personality, loyalty and love makes it all worth it. So, if all these facts don't scare you and you have necessary financial abilities to care for an English Bulldog - this is a breed for you.
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