Correcting English Bulldog Behavior

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March 13, 2014


Every dog is unique, he has his own character and habits. It is extremely hard to deal with disobedient dog, not to mention that bad behavior can even affect negatively the dog himself. What are the ways of correcting your dog's behavior? Let's see what experts in dog training field recommend.
Most English Bulldogs love chewing. They chew everything that they find on the ground or in the house. How to discourage your Bully from doing so? Dog experts say that first of all, you need to buy something to replace things your dog chews. For instance, you can buy toys, balls or tugs. Such things are suitable for chewing. When you let him out, show him his toys and watch his actions carefully. You should do this each time he starts chewing something that is not his. With time you'll manage to break this habit.
Barking can also be a bad habit. However, dog trainers insist that this habit can be easily stopped if the dog is trained properly. There are many reasons to dog barking. Sometimes dog barks because he wants to tell you something that he considers important. However, mostly he will only try to attract your attention. The important thing is that he should stop when you want him to. Here what professionals recommed to do. If you need to make your dog stop barking, you will need a bottle filled with water. When your dog barks spray the water on him. Unpleasant action should distract his attention and make him stop barking. Other actions can work as distractors as well, clapping your hands, for example. These actions are not cruel, but rather effective in stop barking training.


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