Basic Needs of English Bulldogs

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November, 12, 2013


Did you know that English Bulldogs are considered to be special dogs and they require special attention and care that other breeds? Many dog breeders and owners say that Bullies are not the breed for novice dog owners. That's why we want to share some useful information about Bulldogs with you.


English Bulldogs, for sure, require some exercise, but, as dog experts denote, long regular walks are not for them. They get tired very quickly and, if you don't want to carry your heavy dog back home, do not work his fingers to the bone.


Bulldogs have many health problems due to their body structure, that's why they are indoor dogs. They are sensitive to the temperature, they have breathing problems and they require regural grooming and care. 


The last thing dog experts denote that English Bulldog owners need to know is that they should be be very attentive. Bulldogs courage and strong will (as you know, they were used in bull baiting long time ago) do not allow them to whine and complain on something that disturbs them.



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