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Leather Spiked Dog Collar for Bulldogs

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This Collar Is Extra Wide - Almost 1 3/4 Inch - Which Makes It Perfect Tool For Handling Large And Active Breeds This Leather Collar Is Made With 2 Rows Of Symmetrical Proportional Spikes That Help Bring Out The Beauty Of This Hand Crafted Creation. We Use Only Heavy Nickel Hardware, 1/2" Solid Steel Nickel-Plated Spikes - This Is Guarantee That It Will Not Rust Ever ! Available In Tan, Brown or Black Very Strong and Thick Perfectly Oiled and Selected Leather This collar is made of very strong, durable and soft, solid leather. No doubled up fillers or machine stitches...which means the edges won't fray!

Leather Spiked Dog Collar for Bulldogs for English bulldog

Leather Spiked Dog Collar for Bulldogs for English bulldog

General "Woof" Collar Tip: We use special wax brushes machine to make smooth edges to avoid dogs skin irritation and to create as much comfort and smooth appearance as possible

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