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Small Exquisite Leather Dog Harness for English Bulldog puppy

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Amazing light weight leather dog harness for puppies

Your little English Bully is so young and eager to learn like a human baby. Let's make this time pleasant, happy and safe! This Soft leather harness for English Bulldog puppy is what your four-legged friend truly needs. You should know that you should exercise control over your dog even if it is a puppy but it will be better if you do this with Quality safe light weight leather dog harness designed for English Bulldog Puppies.

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  • English Bulldog leather harnessEnglish Bulldog strong leather dog harness for puppies
  • Durable English Bulldog puppy harnessEnglish Bulldog breed fantastic puppy harness


Key features of this English Bulldog Harness:

  • genuine soft leather only
  • easy and quick adjustable chest strap
  • interior felt padding on the chest & back plates
  • easy quick release buckle
  • solid brass fittings
  • stitching at the edges for more strength

Intended use of this English Bulldog Harness:

  • obedience training
  • off leash training
  • walking dog in style

Sizes available:

  • please, watch the table of sizes

Available colors:

  • black

How to size your English Bulldog for this harness:

Size available:

  • around the neck of the dog (green color on the picture): 12-18 inch (30-45 cm)
  • around the chest behind the front legs(red color on the picture): 16-23 inch (40-60cm)

Buying this English Bulldog breed leather harness you choose:

Reliable handling tool. Note! Many dog owners are afraid of using any handling device until their puppies are more 1 year-old. Consider the fact that this harness distributes the force around the puppy’s torso but not over his neck. Puppy’s body is not as strong as an adult dog’s so excessive force on his neck can be harmful (of course it depends more on the owner's pulling force and on how he uses equipment). That is why we recommend you to buy this safe harness.

The key characteristic of this harness is quick release buckle. We know how restless puppies are and sometimes putting any handling tool on a dog is a challenge. We found a solution and it is a quick release buckle that allows to put the harness on and fasten it in a blink of an eye. No more suffering for a pet and his owner.

Quality certified absolutely safe first-rate materials. Product for human babies are the most quality and carefully tasted the same concerns products for puppies. We hand-select best materials to be sure your doggie will have safe harness on him. Comfort is guaranteed due to felt lining on chest and back plates. Every step is done to meet your demands. We hope you will appreciate hard work we do.

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