• Model: PBB0J1020 Puppy Bite Builder made of Jute

English Bulldog Jute Puppy Bite Builder for Basic Training


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Jute Bite Builder for Training Puppy and Young English Bulldog

Donít miss your chance to start bite training with your puppy and order this excellent bite builder, made of durable Jute material, which is hard to bite through or tear! It was invented specially for puppies, as it helps to build full bite and better position grip.

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English Bulldog reliable puppy bite builder

Solid Jute puppy bite builder for training English Bulldog

English Bulldog bite builder for puppies

English Bulldog Jute puppy bite builder

Key features of this English Bulldog bite builder:

  • 2 padded hard handles
  • 100% safe materials
  • durable Jute
  • ring for leash attachment
  • easy bite grip angle for puppy

Intended use of this English Bulldog bite builder:

  • Schutzhund training
  • basic puppy bite training
  • building full bite grip
  • building better position grip
  • building stronger grip

What are the advantages of this bite builder? Please, find out below:

1. Designed specially for puppies and young dogs.

2. Covered with strong and durable Jute material, which is hard to bite through and tear or stretch.

3. Suitable for Schutzhund, police and military bite training.

4. Best for building full mouth bite, better position and stronger grip. It can be used as with experienced puppies, so with beginners.

5. Excellent bite builder at affordable price.

6. Dog-friendly material. This bite builder doesnít contain any metal or plastic parts, which your puppy can swallow, so donít worry about your dogís health.

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