• Model: PBB1J1020 Puppy Bite Builder made of Jute

English Bulldog Durable Jute Puppy Bite Builder


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Solid Jute Bite Builder for Training English Bulldog Puppies

Have you ever tried bite builders for your beloved puppy? Do you know the advantages of our bite builder? Please, read about this amazing offer: It is made of Jute material, which has an enormous tensile strength and wonít tear fast or stretch, so be sure Ė it will serve you for many years!

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English Bulldog solid Jute bite builder for puppies

Safe for dogs Jute bite builder for English Bulldog puppies

English Bulldog Jute bite builder for training puppies

English Bulldog strong Jute bite builder for training puppies and young dogs

Key features of this English Bulldog bite builder:

  • 2 round side handles
  • 1 padded hard handle inside
  • 100% safe materials
  • durable Jute
  • ring for leash attachment
  • easy bite grip angle for puppy

Intended use of this English Bulldog bite builder:

  • puppy bite training
  • building full bite grip
  • building better position grip
  • building stronger grip

Want to know more? Please, read below the main tips about this bite builder:

1. Durable Jute material. This material is very strong and reliable. It is absolutely safe for dogs.

2. This model is suitable exactly for puppies and young dogs. It doesnít contain any cheap or harmful parts, so donít worry about the health of your doggy.

3. Comfortable design. Due to its style it is very convenient to hold the bite builder while training.

4. Best for professional bite training. You can choose any kind of bite training you want (or need) for your pet, including Schutzhund, military and police training.

5. Helps to develop full bite, better position and stronger grip at the proper angle.

6. Excellent equipment at affordable price.

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