• Model: PBB0F1020 Puppy Bite Builder made of French Linen

English Bulldog French Linen Puppy Bite Builder for Training


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Strong Bite Builder for Training English Bulldog Puppies

Looking for durable equipment for bite training your dog? Pay attention to this bite builder, made of strong French linen material and exactly for puppies! Best for starting bite training, developing full bite and stronger grip.

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English Bulldog reliable puppy bite builder

Durable French linen bite builder for training English Bulldog puppies

English Bulldog bite builder for puppies

English Bulldog French linen puppy bite builder for efficient training

Key features of this English Bulldog bite builder:

  • 2 padded hard handles
  • 100% safe materials
  • durable French linen
  • ring for leash attachment
  • easy bite grip angle for puppy

Intended use of this English Bulldog bite builder:

  • Schutzhund training
  • basic puppy bite training
  • building full bite grip
  • building better position grip
  • building stronger grip

Some useful information you should know:

1. This bite builder is covered with French linen - a strong and soft material, which is non-toxic for dogs.

2. Resistant to abrasion, dirt and stains. It can be cleaned easily by dry-cleaning, washing or steaming.

3. It is stitched manually for better durability by our best craftsmen.

4. Itís developed exactly for puppies building full bite and better position grip.

Take a look at puppy and young dog bite builder in 3D

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